Guncast in Europe and the USA

Swimming Pool Design that Crosses Borders

Guncast is available to clients based in Europe and has an impressive portfolio of swimming pools across Europe for both swimming pool design and construction services. 

Guncast's increasing exposure to swimming pool design and construction projects within smaller spaces in London and surrounding areas has led to the expansion of a dedicated swimming pool design service Design by Guncast.

What is Design by Guncast?

Design by Guncast is a luxury swimming pool design service in the US, offering architects, project managers and clients directly bespoke swimming pool design and construction services. The design expertise within the Design by Guncast team allows clients to select from a toolbox of features, finishes and innovations to enhance the swimming pool build, while maintaining a desirable 'Britishness' in their designs. Based in New York, USA, Design by Guncast is building an outstanding portfolio of swimming pool designs for the US market. 

For US enquiries please visit our dedicated website or contact a member of the Design by Guncast team

For European enquiries please contact one of our team