Moving Floor Swimming Pools

Versatility, Multi-Functionality and Ultimate Safety, at the Touch of a Button.

The "pool" area of a moving floor swimming pool can be transformed for entertaining or exercise, with the Guncast moving floor designed to take heavy loads of people and furniture.

rooftop pool with a moving floor

Using a floor finish identical to the surrounding floor, visitors may not even be aware that the pool exists beneath their feet while the swimming pool water remains underneath, circulating through the filtration system as normal.

Moving Floor swimming pool in a city basement

Basements & Moving Floor Swimming Pools

A Guncast moving floor swimming pool is ideal for luxury properties in cities with limited space to expand. By installing a swimming pool with a moving floor in a basement for example, the property will feel as though it has been expanded, without enlarging the property's footprint or losing any rooms.

outdoor moving floor swimming pool

Outdoor Moving Floor Swimming Pools

For outdoor swimming pools, a pool can be transformed into a deck or terrace simply by raising the floor of the pool to instantly create an entertaining space, providing at the same time the safest environment for children, guests and pets.

moving floor swimming pool at a leisure centre

Variable Depths

The swimming pool floor can be adjusted to variable depths for various purposes; such as paddling for non-swimmers, swimming lessons, aqua aerobics or hydrotherapy.

Moving Floor Swimming Pool Designer  Moving floor swimming pools from Guncast


Why Select a Guncast Moving Floor Pool?

Guncast offers complete bespoke design and build turnkey solutions and benefits from in-house teams in design, engineering, water treatment, finishes, service and more.

The Guncast Moving Floor Swimming Pool System

Guncast predominantly uses patented spiralift technology for their moving floor swimming pools. Read more about the benefits of this innovative technology here.

spiralift moving floor

olympic moving floor swimming pool

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The Guncast Moving Floor Swimming Pool Video