Complete Swimming Pool Solutions

Effective Swimming Pool Build & Management is a Vital Part of Creating Luxury Swimming Pools

Guncast works closely with architects, landscape architects, interior designers and project managers to create a luxury pool and leisure spaces that are skillfully crafted and designed to perfection.

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From initial design to expert finish, Guncast Swimming Pools is committed to delivering beautiful, bespoke designer swimming pools on time and in budget.

A telephone consultation or an onsite visit will help swimming pool builder and designer Guncast to understand your specific requirements.

Swimming pool builder Guncast builds luxury swimming pools for private luxury properties

With over four decades experience as a luxury swimming pool construction company, working alongside prestigious architects and stone and special features suppliers, Guncast's swimming pool build and management service helps to ensure that every swimming pool we build meets our own rigorous standards of quality in design and construction.

How We Work For Clients

Realising your ideal swimming pool space

Guncast Swimming Pools has been creating bespoke luxury swimming pools for over 40 years. Our luxury swimming pool design team understands the importance of creating a balance between function and style in a luxury home swimming pool.

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Guncast's luxury swimming pool designers work closely with the customer, their architect, landscape architect or interior designer to ensure that each individual luxury home swimming pool will suit the client's requirements, reflecting their home and lifestyle.

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