08th May 2015

4 Myths About Luxury Pool Construction Debunked

Luxury Swimming Pools are too Costly

There are those who would have you believe that building the luxurious swimming pool of your dreams would far exceed available resources - but that's not necessarily the case. If you're working with a professional team of luxury swimming pool designers, you will discover a world of bespoke options available to suit your budget. There are countless sizes, shapes, styles and features to choose from, that range greatly in price... so you are always in control of the overall expenditure.

Additionally, a bespoke swimming pool can actually help you cut down on other costs - such as the annual family holiday, or membership and entrance fees at leisure centres. Not to mention the increased market value of your property following the installation of a luxurious water retreat... or the exponential increase in hotel bookings for resort owners, following the addition of a luxury swimming pool.

Swimming Pools are not Energy Efficient

Soldiers of the green revolution, who would still like to treat themselves to a hydrotherapy session every now and then, can take comfort in the fact that eco swimming pool technology has come a long way in recent years. Modern swimming pools require much less electricity to run than before, and with the addition of an energy saving pump, you could be using up to 30% less power. Take it one step further and use solar, ground or air source heat pumps to provide the energy and a solar swimming pool cover to retain heat and also keep the filters from working too hard to eliminate excess debris.

You could even consider adding the high-tech moving floor swimming pool component. This amazing feature can further reduce your carbon footprint by cutting heating expenditure up to 60% when the floor is level...and that's just one example of the myriad of benefits the moving floor element can bring to a luxury swimming pool.

Concrete Pools Limit the Design Possibilities

There is a widespread misconception that concrete is inflexible when it comes to creating a bespoke swimming pool. In fact, creating an indulgent retreat is simple using the gunite method of swimming pool (a practice of spraying a rebar framework over with a concrete and sand mixture). Highly durable gunite pools are built to last. The versatility of gunite swimming pools means that you have the option of any size, shape or depth, as well as a much wider variety of custom design features and finishes to choose from . Infinity edges, beach entries, tanning ledges, etc. are all just a sketch away from reality with concrete gunite pools - making it possible to turn your swimming pool into a literal work of art.

Because of the unique customisation options possible with a gunite pool, they are one of the top choices for luxury pool owners today, due to their beauty, versatility and durability.

Swimming Pools are Hazardous

One of the best ways to avoid potential accidents in a swimming pool is to have a moving floor component installed - which completely covers the swimming pool when it's not in use. At the press of a button, your swimming pool is completely covered - so well hidden that no one would even know it was there, unless you told them, leaving children and pets to cavort around safely when the swimming pool is not in use.

To find out more about how the experts at Guncast can help you fashion the luxury swimming pool you crave, get in touch today.

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