05th Jun 2015

6 Signs it's Time to Invest in a Luxury Swimming Pool

1. You're Having Health Issues

Of course, a hydrotherapy pool isn't a replacement for proper medical care, but regular swimming can help with an endless list of ailments including muscle pain, injuries, back problems and mental health issues.

2.  You're Selling Your House

A luxury swimming pool is an investment, it will set your home apart from the rest, making it more desirable to buyers and adding a significant amount onto the resale value. If it's a moving floor swimming pool, even better.

3. You Have Children

If your kids are in need of an outlet for their boundless energy, something as exciting as a luxury swimming pool will definitely keep them occupied and falling asleep more quickly in the evenings. And don't forget, the moving floor swimming pool technology also allows you to set the depth as well. Perfect for smaller swimmers.

4.  You're Working Too Hard

Working long hours can become stressful if you don't find a way to unwind, and one of the best ways to relax (and get fit) is swimming. As many people already know, exercise releases endorphins, the body's stress-reducing hormones, but on top of that, swimming requires attention to the pattern of your movements, leaving your mind to just rest and go with the flow. What better way to find inner peace and a good workout than in a counter-current swimming pool?

5.  You're Worried About Safety

You'd love a swimming pool but you're worried about little kids, pets, or elderly relatives falling in. That doesn't have to be an issue with a conscientious adult on the button end of a moving floor swimming pool. A moving floor pool is easily covered with just the touch of a button, making it much safer than conventional swimming pools. Once the floor component is in place, it will look just like a normal room or garden.

6.  You're Renovating Your Home

If you're thinking of refurbishing, a luxury swimming pool can improve your home far beyond simple decoration. Many homes now have swimming pools as standard, so if you're looking for something a little more opulent, a luxury swimming pool is for you. Aside from the value it adds to your home, a designer swimming pool will impress your friends and give you extra space, without having to build an extension.



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