13th Jan 2015

Guncast Luxury Commercial Swimming Pools

From swimming pools within shared apartment blocks in London to world class hotel spas and private leisure club swimming pools, Guncast designs and constructs a range of bespoke commercial swimming pools, all of them to the highest standard, from a company with over 40 years of experience.

Moving floors for commercial swimming pools

The Guncast moving floor swimming pool is very popular in commercial settings as the moving floor component creates versatility and increases revenue opportunities. For example, a leisure centre could install a moving floor swimming pool and move the floor to different depths to allow for diving, scuba practice, synchronised swimming and toddler swimming training, therefore expanding their customer base.

Luxury hotel and spa swimming pools

Many high class spas invest in a Guncast swimming pool because the designs are sleek and stylish, much like the domestic pools, but these pools have a commercial plant to keep water quality high for the sauna, spa and steam room.

Hotels represent a large portion of Guncast's commercial customer base but demand for swimming pools in shared apartment blocks is also constantly increasing. These luxury apartments are very common in London and often require a stylish pool complete with a commercial plant for heavy use.

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