04th Aug 2015

Top Health Benefits of Having a Hydrotherapy Pool

The use of water for therapy is no modern phenomenon. Hydrotherapy is actually an integral part of traditional medicinal practices, that has been carried out for hundreds of years in many regions spanning the globe. Yet, many of us in the western world remain unacquainted with the custom of using hot and cold water therapy to relieve discomfort and promote overall well-being. Here are some of most common symptoms that can be relieved by hydrotherapy...

Muscle Tension

The temperature in a hydrotherapy pool generally fluctuates between hot and cold. The hot water increases the surface blood vessels to soothe and soften tight muscles and cold water invigorates and stimulates the nervous system by promoting blood flow around the body. This combination of hot and cold is ideal for healing injuries faster, reducing inflammation or just relaxing and refreshing body and mind.

Injury & Pain

Due to the human body's natural buoyancy in water, hydrotherapy is a non-weight bearing type of exercise, meaning it is perfect for people with injuries who have been advised not to exercise. The water alleviates any pressure on joints and muscles and allows people to exercise with minimal impact, so as not to risk making an injury worse.

Loss of Muscle Mass & Weight Gain

For those needing to shed a few unwanted pounds or elderly individuals, finding the motivation to exercise can be a struggle. Hydrotherapy is the perfect starting point. Exercising in a hydrotherapy pool allows for a gentle work out without the accompanied strain and possible injury that more commonplace exercises, like running or aerobics, place on the body. Aqua-aerobics is a popular water sport done in hydrotherapy pools and is a great way to lose weight and improve overall fitness.

Stress & Anxiety

Last but certainly not least, the number one advantage of hydrotherapy pools that we all could benefit from a little respite. Regular relaxation is every bit as important as proper diet, sleep, and exercise; all a part of feeling your best, physically and emotionally. Numerous studies have confirmed that habitual relaxation slows the effects of aging, boosts the immune system, helps your metabolism and keeps your heart healthy, amongst a long list of additional compelling reasons to unwind regularly. We all need a little "me-time" once in a while, and what better way to do it then in your very own tranquil hydrotherapy pool?

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