03rd Mar 2016

Bringing multi-functionality to your leisure centre

Are you running a large-scale swimming pool at a leisure centre or gym? Do you have multiple uses for the swimming pool and never seem to be able to utilise the complete pool? Moving floors have revolutionised the functionalities available to leisure centres. The benefit of a moving floor enables different sections of the pool to be used at the same time but for different purposes. You are able to raise the floor at one end, and offer water aerobics classes, or make the pool more suitable for toddlers, while the floor at the other end could be deeper and available for swimming or even diving. The Spiralift moving floor technology works just as well in a commercial pool as it does on a smaller residential pool. The moving floor sections work in units so the floor can be sectioned and used to suit the venue. The floor, if required, can also rise completely to the top of the pool, providing an insulating safety cover, or offering a totally new venue for dry side activities.

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