31st Dec 2016

Essential maintenance tips for your swimming pool

During the winter, outdoor swimming pools are typically used less frequently than during the summer, so might spend most the winter covered. It may seem that there is not much maintenance required, however, this is the time to maintain the chemical checking and less frequent, but regular servicing will ensure your swimming pool is in the best condition possible ready for the spring / summer when the UK is hit with some nice weather!

For indoor pools, regular chemical, lighting and filtration system checks ensures the swimming pool runs at the most cost and running effectiveness. Swimming pool maintenance isn’t just about preparing the swimming pools for different seasons, there is level of use to be considered, and the complexity of the swimming pool systems will also factor in how much maintenance is required. Guncast offer a dedicated, uniformed swimming pool engineer designated to your property who will arrive at the same time at every dedicated appointment, leaving you with the peace of mind that your swimming pool is cared for by our specialists. Guncast offer this service as standard for Guncast built swimming pools but also offer this to non-Guncast swimming pools after an initial consultation at the site. Guncast also has a specialist dive team who are fully insured, trained commercial divers to carry out services on cover pits, balancing tanks and other underwater, confined space areas that require specialists.

For more information on servicing or emergency repairs, please contact our Service Team.

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