17th Sep 2015

Sauna, Steam or Hydrotherapy? Which Spa Amenities Are Best For You?

We all love a trip to the spa, but if you’re designing one for residential use, sometimes there just isn’t space to build an entire spa suite. In that case, it's generally best to pick a limited number of features based on the property. All types of spas are ideal for relaxation and therapy, but each type has its own unique features that might help to decide which is the best fit.


Saunas are a Finnish invention consisting of pine-clad rooms that pump in sizzling temperatures of around 80 degrees Celsius. Depending on what type of sauna you go for, it will either get its heat from a traditional wood fire (mostly used in traditional spas) or an electric, gas or wood burning stove containing special rocks that heat up and give that all-important sweat factor.

Saunas can reach such high temperatures because they contain dry heat which doesn’t burn as easily as steam at the same temperature. Hot temperatures help to relax muscles and relieve tension (so the hotter the better), and saunas are even great for lowering blood pressure too.

Steam Rooms

While steam rooms don’t get quite as hot as saunas, they have just as many benefits. In a steam room, water is boiled then released into the air by a steam generator, giving a thick mist-like quality to the room. Unlike a sauna, steam rooms are airtight so give humidity levels of up to 100%, which is why the interior is usually tiled, including tiled benches, instead of using the wooden benches reserved for saunas.

People with joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis would be best off going for a sauna, as the humidity in a steam room can aggravate the problem. In contrast however, steam is great for muscle softening and soothing, as well as helping with respiratory problems like allergies, asthma and even the common cold. Steam rooms are also the perfect detox partner, helping you release all those malevolent toxins through perspiration.

Hydrotherapy Pools

A hydrotherapy pool is for the serious spa owners out there. Featuring warm waters treated with aromatherapy oils and minerals to make your skin silky smooth, hydrotherapy pools contain powerful jets that offer numerous relaxing and healing benefits. Aside from the all-important muscle softening, the jets in hydrotherapy pools stimulate the body’s lymphatic system and flush out dodgy toxins, improving your immune system and mental health overall. Hydrotherapy is also used for rehabilitating injuries and for alleviating arthritis aches.

If you want to go one step further, a cold plunge pool makes the perfect partner to your hydrotherapy pool. Cold water may not sound too appealing at first glance, but a quick dip activates the body's circulation and even boosts your metabolism.

Whichever spa system you prefer, there are endless feature to choose from available from Guncast, which will result in a luxurious spa that's tailor-made to your specific needs.

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