17th Jun 2015

5 Statistics Every Luxury Swimming Pool Designer Should Know

In case you've got some clients asking about swimming pool design, we've compiled a list of the top five statistics that every luxury swimming pool designer should know. 5. There are a grand total of

  1. 56 million adults who swim at least once a month in England. That's a whopping 10.5% of the entire population – that means that the other 89.5% might still need some convincing, perhaps with a little push from their architect?
  2. In a study of 100 random swimmers, 63% were found to be women and 37% were men. Perhaps it's time to start thinking about targeting more ladies with your luxury swimming pool schemes?
  3. Regular indoor swimmers take a dip an average of 5.8 times per 28 days, that's more than once a week. This suggests that people who swim, do it regularly (and are far more in need of a fabulous new luxury swimming pool at home).
  4. One study showed that out of people who have swum in the last month, 12% of them chose to swim indoors, and only 3% chose outdoors. Now it could just be the terrible British weather influencing this one, but it helps to know that most people would prefer an indoor pool! The perfect indoor solution for London is the moving floor swimming pool, of course.
  5. And the most impressive fact of all, is that swimming is the nation's second favourite form of exercise after walking! Over 22% of adults and 50% of young people swim on a regular basis – definitely good news for the swimming pool industry - and not surprising considering it's a low impact, total body workout.

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*Statistics are from: the Sport England Active People Survey and a study from the Sport Industry Research Centre of Sheffield Hallam University.

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