30th Apr 2015

High End Spa Design Taboos You Should Consider Breaking

Less is More

Perhaps in a design scheme but not when it comes to spa systems as a whole. Why not go for 'the more the merrier' mentality instead, and reap the rewards of having it all? When it comes to a commercial high end spa, your clients are likely to want a range of options, and no hotel should be losing business because there isn't a plunge pool available to guests?

As for home spa systems, the same can also be true. If you've got the space, don't deny yourself the incredible opportunity to indulge in your very own steam room, sauna and perhaps even a hydrotherapy system to ease those aching muscles?

Opulence is Everything

A lot of people think that high end equals flashy, but contrary to popular belief, in spa design, sometimes less really is more. If you're looking for luxury, gold fittings and Italian glass mosaics may sound stunning initially, but you could opt for an even more impressive look with some simple and modern styles. Monochrome is striking and expensive looking, and clean-cut lines in neutral palettes always look chic and sophisticated. Go for understated and your spa design will be both timeless and impressive.

Crank the Heat

Of course there are certain facilities that most definitely require heat (no one will enjoy sitting in a steam room that feels like the Arctic Circle), but extra spa features like plunge pools and rainfall showers have health and beauty benefits unleashed only by embracing the cold.

Used therapeutically for thousands of years in China, cold plunge pools have only just recently started to become popular in modern Western society, and it's about time too. Jumping into cold water stimulates healthy circulation, triggering all kinds of health benefits like burning calories faster, glowing skin, shiny hair, pain relief and a notable boost to the immune boost.

Sometimes traditional just doesn't cut it when it comes to designing your dream spa. In the wise words of Deepak Chopra, 'Instead of thinking outside the box - get rid of the box.'

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