16th Feb 2015

Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2015

This year looks to be even bigger and better for the swimming and there are many new and exciting technologies for outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

Moving Floor Swimming Pools

The moving floor swimming pool from Guncast is set to be a popular choice with residential and commercial buyers alike. This unique engineering allows users to change the level of the pool floor to allow for paddling or diving, or to create a solid floor pool cover to provide additional space. One of the most popular uses of a moving floor swimming pool is to create extra space by building a pool that can be covered and doubled as a room. These swimming pools are so well finished guests will never even guess there's a pool beneath their feet.

Moving floor swimming pools are often built in luxury basement conversions. These basement swimming pools free up extra space in your home and follow the recent growing trend of double and triple storey basement conversions that have been seen on the rise in London's most sought after boroughs.

Counter Current Unit Swimming Pools

Counter current unit swimming pools are also on the rise for 2015. At the beginning of the year many people go on a health kick and a counter a current unit can transform your luxury swimming pool into an exercise pool. The counter current swimming pool from Guncast creates a current or jet stream to swim against, keeping you swimming on the spot, much like an underwater treadmill. This means that even the smallest swimming pool can be used for exercise without having to turn corners when you reach the end.

Guncast is the leading name in luxury outdoor and indoor swimming pools and is at the forefront of swimming pool trends. If you're considering getting a luxury swimming pool this year, make it a Guncast pool.

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