03rd Mar 2016

The Beginners Guide to Concrete Pools

Building a concrete pool involves spraying wet concrete onto a pre-formed cage of steel reinforcement. The two most common methods are known as Gunite, where dry mixed aggregate and cement are pumped to the spray nozzle where water is added, and Shotcrete where the wet concrete is pre-mixed before being fed to the spray head. Both methods result in a monolithic structure which offers maximum strength for the minimum amount of concrete and both are particularly suitable for complex shape ‘free form’ pools. Construction of a pool shell using this method is quick, with the added advantage that the concrete can be pumped some distance should site access be restricted.

Gunite & shotcrete (synonymous with a Guncast pool) can be created to suit any shape or size, and are incredibly durable...making them the ideal option for cosmopolitan cities limited on space (like New York and London). Bespoke sprayed concrete swimming pools have long been the first choice for luxury swimming pool design, and it's not hard to see why.

Design is literally at your imagination with concrete pools; you can create a swimming pool of any size, shape or depth and even get creative when it comes to features; think underwater benches, tanning ledges, infinity edges, water walls and more. Have your own unique swimming pool designed before the summer, contact one of our expert team at Guncast for a consultation.

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