24th Apr 2015

Designing Top Of The Line Swimming Pools: The Right Way

Design Process

Guncast's design team will talk you through every step of the design and build process, so you end up with the exact luxury swimming pool you had in mind. Whether you'd like a more humble, but flawlessly formed swimming pool for your terraced London home, or a luxury spa - complete with steam and sauna in your hotel, Guncast can make any luxury swimming pool and spa dreams a reality.

Options for New Technology

If cutting edge technology is a must, you're in good hands with Guncast. From the top of the line Ozone and/or UV water treatment systems to the exclusive Spiralift moving floor, Guncast's design team prides themselves on being at the forefront of new swimming pool technology. 

The moving floor swimming pool is ideal for more modest homes or businesses, where space is limited. With the push of a button, your new swimming pool is covered by a moving floor component, giving extra room for other activities.

 Another intelligent option for homes and businesses aspiring to maximise on space is the counter current unit. As the name suggests, this fantastic system creates a current in your pool to swim against...just think underwater treadmill. Who needs a massive lap pool for exercise when you can swim the same distance in less space?

Consider the Design and Finish

In addition to engineering high-quality, concrete swimming pools that stand the test of time, Guncast also offers enticing design features that turn normal swimming pools and spas into luxurious havens.

What about your swimming pool's lighting for example? Do you prefer underwater lights in the sides or the bottom of the pool? Is there a particular colour scheme you prefer? Have you thought about what type of finished appearance you would like as well? Do you prefer the more traditional mosaic finish or is large format more suited to your style?

Guncast provides clients with a range of stunning lighting effects and finishes; including marble, limestone, sandstone, slate and Italian glass mosaics. These are all design aspects that, if done correctly, will guarantee your swimming pool really is the epitome of luxury.

To find out more about a bespoke swimming pool design, contact Guncast.

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