14th Jan 2016

Top tips for keeping your swimming pool safe during the winter months

Owning an outdoor swimming pool as a valuable addition to your home during the summer, however, what happens during the winter? Do you use your outdoor pool during the winter, or do you close the cover and not open it again until spring? However you use your pool during the winter, you need to make sure you maintain it correctly and appropriately for its use. Guncast Swimming Pool’s Service Division engineers are well-versed in ‘winterizing’ outdoor swimming pools, and they follow key checks:

  1. Check the pool cover / make any repairs required
  2. Check the water pH and chemistry
  3. Deep clean the swimming pool before closing up
  4. Make regular checks throughout the winter

Your Guncast engineer will have regular service checks scheduled throughout the winter to ensure that your water chemistry remains at a suitable level, and that your cover is not only keeping autumnal debris out, but maintaining the water quality inside the pool. If you continue to use your pool throughout the winter, your cover needs to be in the best condition to maintain your water temperature and to ensure your pool is running at the most efficient level possible. Let your engineer know what your intentions are for your pool during the winter, to ensure they service the pool to suit the use.

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