Counter Current

Providing a constant current in which the swimmer trains, this high-volume jet stream (available in an array of styles, shapes, colours and materials) provides a continual flow of water from one side of the swimming pool.

Ideal for properties with limited space, installing a counter current machine gives the feeling of an ‘endless’ swimming pool.

Pool Covers

Automatic swimming pool covers help to retain heat and maintain the desired pool temperature, which not only makes for a more pleasurable swimming experience, it also reduces the level of heating required, which in turn can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Infinity Edges

For a truly idyllic leisure space, the infinity edge pool, offers a unique and stylish, seemingly endless swimming pool. An infinity edge pool offers the perfect way to capitalise on stunning surrounding views, ultimately enhanced by an infinity pool.


Lighting sets the tone, creates the desired mood and can transform the ambience of a luxury swimming pool. From fibre optic and LED lighting options, whatever the requirements, the wide array of lighting features available from Guncast will create the desired effect.

Specialist Features

Designer pools stand out thanks to features that bring the entire space to life in a way that makes a swimming pool a work of art. Creating eye-catching effects using water features, glazing and state of the art design give the swimming pool an identity.

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