Why a moving floor swimming pool is the ultimate Christmas accessory to your home

By Andy Carr on Monday 12th of December 2016
Not only a does a moving floor offer complete versatility, flexibility and safety for your swimming pool and its users, but it also looks really astounding!

At the touch of a button, the floor slowly descends through the water to reveal the swimming pool below. With clever room air control, visitors may never know there is a swimming pool under the flooring. By incorporating clever design and maintaining the flow throughout the room, there is only a small gap required for the swimming pool floor, so to the untrained eye, there is no difference.

A Guncast moving floor swimming pool is ideal for city-based luxury properties with limited space. By installing a swimming pool with a moving floor in a basement for example, the property will feel as though it has been expanded, without enlarging the property's footprint or losing any rooms.

Guncast offers complete bespoke design and build turnkey solutions and benefits from in-house teams in design, engineering, water treatment, finishes, service and more.

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