Community Swimming Pool Refurbishment in the Falkland Islands

Project type: Commercial
Location: The Falkland Islands, UK

This indoor, heated swimming pool on the Falkland Islands is used by the local community for leisure and competitive water sports. The Guncast Pools and Wellness team refurbished and restored this community swimming pool when it had reached a state of disrepair and had to be closed down for a year.

An entire brand-new pool base was laid out by Guncast to replace the original screed (the surface at the bottom of the swimming pool), which had become water damaged. Many of the tiles beneath the existing fibreglass of the 25m indoor pool were also in poor condition, requiring replacement.

Upgrades were also made in the plant room to make it fit for purpose and provide long-term use by the residents.

One of just two swimming pools available to the public on the Falkland Islands making it invaluable to the community.

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