Biophilic Vision by ATMOSPHERE®


ATMOSPHERE® Biophilic Visions from Guncast


More than a screen in a sauna (or in other wellness areas), ATMOSPHERE® is a window to nature and wildlife, providing a relaxing escape to the wild, for an enhanced calming experience.

Sauna and spa users are transported to a choice of tranquil settings via exclusive, 4K high-resolution, slow-motion images with synchronised sound, to escape the stresses of daily life. 

High resolution movies are played in slow movement (90 frames/second played at 24 frames/second) delivering UHD or 4K quality on one or multiple screens.

Atmosphere sauna spa screen

KLAFS at Guncast Sauna, steam and relaxation

Guncast is the selected UK partner for KLAFS products. Our aim is to make the design and installation process as easy as possible, so you can relax and concentrate on getting excited about your new KLAFS wellness area
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Atmosphere sauna spa screen

ATMOSPHERE® Starter Pack


The starter pack consists of 20 films (each about 15 minutes length) of unspoiled nature to enhance your relaxing sauna experience:

  • Algarve Maritima, Portugal
  • Algarve sunrise, Portugal
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Distant Sea – Island
  • Fresh Green & Creek – Romania
  • Gentle Blue – Ostsee Germany
  • Glacier Lagoon – Island
  • Green Moments – Müritz Germany
  • Ice & Waves – Island
  • Mountains – Austria
  • Tea Plantations – India
  • Obersee – Germany
  • Palm & Green – Thailand
  • Steaming Earth – Island
  • Sunset n Desert – Morocco
  • Thailand Impressions
  • Time & Stone – Atlantic coast France
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall – Island
  • Waves & Sunset – Atlantic coast Portugal
  • Little Creek – Austria

ATMOSPHERE® can also be connected to a TV, to show alternative customer footage, and the cabin light/illumination can be synchronised via a DMX interface.

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