Cryo Lounge

Expose the body to extreme cold

KLAFS Cryo Lounge from Guncast


Cryotherapy was originally used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and today it is also used in top class sports, aesthetics, trendy health clubs, exclusive spas and pure cryo-centres.

The KLAFS cryotherapy solution is purely electric, does not require liquid nitrogen and comes in 2 versions:

  • One-chamber cabin (-85degC ) – ideal for private use, beauty salons and spa suites
  • Two-chamber cabin with the pre-chamber at -60degC to help the body acclimatise and to cause residual moisture on the skin to evaporate. The main chamber is then -110degC and 0% humidity where it is recommended to stay in for a maximum of three minutes, spent walking slowly and taking shallow breaths.
KLAFS Cryo lounge

KLAFS at Guncast Sauna, steam and relaxation

Guncast is the selected UK partner for KLAFS products. Our aim is to make the design and installation process as easy as possible, so you can relax and concentrate on getting excited about your new KLAFS wellness area
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KLAFS Cryo lounge

How the Cryo Lounge chamber works


The KLAFS cryotherapy solution from Guncast is electric and treatment software is used to define individual treatment time and sequence, based on physical values, personal perception, and treatment aim.

The electrical cooling system consists of a cooling machine, control cabinet, condenser and plant room area.

KLAFS Cryo Chambers from Guncast are designed with sustainability and quality in mind.

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