Complete wellness oasis with sauna, steam bath, and anteroom

Complete wellness oasis with sauna, steam bath, and anteroom

Project type: Residential
Location: Arnstein, Germany

KLAFS designed and installed this luxury wellness suite for a high-end residential property in Arnstein, Germany. This wellness retreat is a symphony of comfort and luxury, designed to rejuvenate both body and mind. Its centrepiece is a striking dark wood sauna that boasts a spacious, light-filled ambiance. The sauna’s large glass front offers panoramic views of the serene garden, flooding the interior with natural light during the day and embracing warm LED lighting by night.

Driven by a desire for bespoke multi-functionality, the clients entrusted KLAFS to spearhead the project planning and execution. They opted for a tailor-made KLAFS Sauna PROFI. This individually designed cabin features dark American walnut wood that exudes comfort. Floating benches, concealed mountings, and a stepped ceiling contribute to its distinctive design, while the interplay of warm wood and generous glass infuses an airy ambiance. Indirect LED lighting on the benches enhances the mood, creating a captivating atmosphere for relaxation.

The meticulous planning shines through in every detail, extending seamlessly to the adjacent domed steam bath. Adorned with the POLAR STARRY HEAVEN ceiling adorned with delicate stars, complemented by gentle LED lighting, this steam bath invites serenity. Luxurious Bisazza mosaic tiles and a recessed gold-accented niche enrich the room, while curved seating highlights the masterful KLAFS artisanry. This exceptional wellness space promises an unparalleled, soothing experience for every visitor.

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