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Moving floor swimming pools

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Where space is a premium or pool use is sporadic, our state-of-the-art swimming pool designs with moving floor offer an elegant and versatile solution for residential or commercial projects.  

Hidden swimming pool design 

Guncast’s industry leading moving floor swimming pools can be built indoors, in a barn or a basement, or outdoors in the patio area. Simple, yet eye-catching, they feature the latest moving floor technology, including self-depositing steps, for a seamless pool surround. 

We install the latest automated system for ease of use and to optimise all the benefits of a multi-use space. Precision technology controls the floor deck movement using stainless steel bands that form a durable column. The unit silently transforms a space in around 15 minutes and can lower the pool floor to any depth – while the water remains in place and continually circulates as the floor moves through.  

Guncast’s moving floor swimming pools are activated remotely at the touch of a button. The mechanism has no cables, hydraulic cylinders, buoyancy tanks or scissors and is therefore more reliable and easier to maintain for improved performance, safety and peace of mind. 

Indoor swimming pool at night being light up with mood lighting

Patented Spiralift® moving floor technology 

Beneath a Guncast movable pool floor is the powerful mechanical Spiralift® technology, originally designed to lift a whole orchestra. Rather than cables and buoyancy structures, Guncast moving floor pools use a series of extremely compact lifts to perform silent and reliable pool transformations. This proven technology is used in the aerospace and automotive industries, with more than 45,000 units installed 

Following project completion, we offer an aftercare service to give customers’ regular maintenance support to keep their moving floor swimming pools in excellent working condition and identify issues before they become a major problem. We offer a 24-hour call-out service and our experts can help in person whenever necessary. 

For industry leading advice, contact our dedicated swimming pool experts, or complete our online contact form and one of specialists will get in touch. 

Indoor moving swimming pool closed

Moveable swimming pool floor for flexibility 

Guncast moving floor swimming pools are custom built to support any load distribution and accommodate different water installations or swimming pools features, likes benches and Baja shelves. It’s possible to hide the pool under the patio, or under the dancefloor in the house. 

The ability to adjust the pool depth allows for flexible use, from a child-friendly shallow paddling pool to jacuzzi or hydro-pool for relaxation and wellbeing. Versatile lighting options can be incorporated to enhance the ambient mood.  

By combining this cutting-edge technology with our unique pool design, Guncast creates an amazing pool experience to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Outdoor moving floor swimming pool

Moving floor pools in action

Guncast worked closely with architects to design and create this simple yet stunning moving floor swimming pool by the beach. The self-depositing steps and discreet finishes give the moving floor wellness pool a seamless surround.

Watch as the swimming pool floor is effortlessly transformed into a fully functioning patio by combining cutting edge technology with industry-leading pool design.

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Our Portfolio

For more than 50 years, our experienced team of designers, engineers, and project managers have brought ambitious projects to life, delivering inspirational swimming pool and wellness suite designs, built to exceptional quality standards. If you can dream it, we’ll design and build it (Subject to the laws of physics).

Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Memorable designs that make an impact. From the ultra-modern London basements to the peaceful English countryside

Guncast inspires with memorable design and delights with unmatched build quality and a perfect finish.

Our creative teams can help transform any space in tune with the use, location and design preferences. No construction project is too complex, and we have the vision and expertise to deliver all types of swimming pool and spa features.

Book a design consultancy to see where we can take your ideas and dreams.

Guncast team in a design consultancy meeting