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Vitality, hydrotherapy & spa pools

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Boutique luxury with Vitality, hydrotherapy & spa pools

Nurture and fortify your body with a luxury Guncast spa pool complete with therapeutic features to enhance the feeling of wellbeing. 

Vitality pools and Spas built by Guncast

For private residences, boutique hotels or exclusive clubs looking to wow guests, a Guncast vitality pool is where hydrotherapy meets beautiful, crisp design. Vitality, hydrotherapy & spa pools can be designed to fit into any space, whether integrated alongside a swimming pool or a standalone design, they are as versatile as your vision and imagination.  

Equipped with air and water jets, and often features such as bubble pads, massage benches and powerful massage jets, vitality pools typically operate at a temperature of 38°C. These small “swimming pools” can be used for spa hydrotherapy, countercurrent swimming against powerful jets, water aerobics, massage and general relaxation. 

Small, heated and jetted spa pools can be standalone or adjoining a full swimming pool, indoor or outdoor. 

Circular vitality pool

Hydrotherapy pools by Guncast

The hydrotherapy swimming pool, in its purest sense, is a swimming pool used for the treatment of patients where the water is approximately 34°C to 38°C.

The combination of extra heat and the buoyancy of the water provide a relaxing medium in which patients can carry out pain relieving exercises and improve general fitness. The filtration and disinfection system, together with the usability of the pool for the patient, is paramount.

Swimming pool with vitality jets

Style and comfort are essential  

Guncast bespoke pools are suitable for indoor or outdoor installations, residential or commercial, with style and comfort at the heart of the creative process.  

Versatile spa pools deliver a luxury, sensory experience, whether the end goal is relaxation, invigoration or stimulation. We can install counter current jets that simulate river or open water currents to accommodate different training preferences and massage jets to target specific muscles for rehabilitation and pain relief – such as the air lounger neck massage, shoulder or foot massager, three-tier jet, air geyser, or jet seats. 

For the full spa experience, create a comfortable seating area around the pool furnished with deluxe cushions, or versatile bubble seats – and be imaginative with warm underwater lights and subtle wall lighting.  

Vitality pool with jets

Be inspired

Our Portfolio

For more than 50 years, our experienced team of designers, engineers, and project managers have brought ambitious projects to life, delivering inspirational swimming pool and wellness suite designs, built to exceptional quality standards. If you can dream it, we’ll design and build it (Subject to the laws of physics).

Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Memorable designs that make an impact. From the ultra-modern London basements to the peaceful English countryside

Guncast inspires with memorable design and delights with unmatched build quality and a perfect finish.

Our creative teams can help transform any space in tune with the use, location and design preferences. No construction project is too complex, and we have the vision and expertise to deliver all types of swimming pool and spa features.

Book a design consultancy to see where we can take your ideas and dreams.

Guncast team in a design consultancy meeting