Vitality, Spa and Hydrotherapy Pools

Vitality pools and Spas built by Guncast

For private residences, boutique hotels or exclusive clubs looking to wow guests, a Guncast vitality pool is where hydrotherapy meets beautiful, crisp design.

Equipped with air and water jets, and often features such as bubble pads, massage benches and powerful massage jets, vitality pools typically operate at a temperature of 38degC. These small “swimming pools” can be used for spa hydrotherapy, countercurrent swimming against powerful jets, water aerobics, massage and general relaxation.

Small, heated and jetted spa pools can be standalone or adjoining a full swimming pool, indoor or outdoor.

Hydrotherapy pools by Guncast

Hydrotherapy pools by Guncast

Specially heated pools for pain relief and treatment

The hydrotherapy swimming pool, in its purest sense, is a swimming pool used for the treatment of patients where the water is approximately 34degC to 38degC.

The combination of extra heat and the buoyancy of the water provide a relaxing medium in which patients can do pain relieving exercises and improve general fitness. The filtration and disinfection system, together with the usability of the pool for the patient, is paramount.

KLAFS Wellness

Saunas, Spas, Icerooms

Looking for a sauna, steam room or wellness suite to complement your pool? Guncast is the selected UK partner for KLAFS products.

For the home, we can design and install your perfect sauna or steam room, whatever the space.

For hotels, clubs and property developers, Guncast will work with your design team to create a memorable thermal journey.