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5-star inspiration for your hotel or health spa

5-star inspiration for your hotel or health spa

Health and wellness are a greater focus than ever for the discerning luxury/boutique hotel guest. If you’re considering adding a new health suite or updating an existing one for 2023, here are some swimming pools and wellness products to inspire you.

Microsalt dry salt inhalation


Salt can have a cleansing and revitalising effect on the airways and the skin, as well as supporting the immune system. Offer your guests these wellness benefits, by introducing Microsalt dry inhalation into your saunas or infrared cabins, which create a beneficial microclimate, with a soothing dry salt mist. KLAFS Microsalt technology is easily available and affordable. Install a KLAFS Microsalt SaltProX in your saunas or thermal cabins.

Infrared heat applications for your spa

Heat can work wonders. Targeted heat treatment of the back area, in particular, is known to be beneficial and relaxing. Give your guests an individual, infrared experience by upgrading your spa area with KLAFS radiator control technology. You might choose to install a KLAFS Infrared heat cabin, or you can opt for the KLAFS InfraPLUS sauna package, which removes the need to install a separate cabin. Both are available from Guncast. The KLAFS InfraPLUS, infrared-C radiation generates radiant energy to intensely warm the back, and is a wonderful addition to your sauna and SANARIUM®.

eVitarium® relaxation and revitalisation bath

Much more than a bathtub, the KLAFS eVitarium® from Guncast is a modern relaxation and revitalisation bath, with a gentle electric current. It sends a flow of light electrical pulses through the body, helping to stimulate circulation, and soothe the muscles. Your guests can choose the ENERGY or the RELAX setting, and the tub can be filled automatically thanks to a filling level sensor, and is operated easily, using a touchscreen control.

KLAFS SWAY pendulum lounger

The KLAFS Pendulum Sway Lounger from Guncast  is a lounger that gently moves from side to side, to help your guests relax for a restful, short sleep. Enable your guests to feel good and forget everyday life for a moment, as the pendulum frequency helps their bodies and minds rest, completely. All they have to do is lie down, close their eyes, and SWAY.

KLAFS TAOSENSA® reflexology path

Reflexology is thought to have various health benefits including relaxation, energy boosting, and increased blood circulation. Give your guests a reflexology experience with the KLAFS TAOSENSA®. The bespoke reflexology-based pathway can be designed to complement your space and style. It incorporates specifically selected stones, laid out in patterns. As your guests walk barefoot slowly along the path, a reflexology response is stimulated, resulting in the associated benefits.

KLAFS SANOSPA® underwater massage

The fully automated KLAFS SANOSPA® available from Guncast, provides your guests with a unique, relaxing, underwater massage experience. It also allows you to relax, as it is fully automated. Available in white, mother of pearl, or tiled in high-quality mosaic to complement your hotel interior design.


Give your guests the feeling of floating above the water. The KLAFS SANOTHERM is a heated treatment table, for guests undergoing whole body wraps. Whether it is used for thalassotherapy, or before an aroma therapy bath or a chalk mud wrap, the SANOTHERM helps the relaxation wow-factor to kick in. The tub rises, elevating the guest to 7th spa heaven, as they enjoy the restful warmth of the waterbed.


KLAFS SPAVITAL treatment table

The KLAFS SPAVITAL table facilitates various spa massage treatments including dry to wet massages, hot stone massages and reflexology massages. It is easy for you and your guests to operate, with an electrical height adjustment system. The table surface can be raised from 560 to 860mm, to assist your guests in safely climbing on and off the bench, as well as assisting your masseur in their work. The plinth can also be raised for easy cleaning.

Guncast hydrotherapy treatment pool

Hydrotherapy is used for treating physical and mental health. A hydrotherapy swimming pool, in its purest sense, is a swimming pool typically heated to approximately 34degC to 38degC. The heat and buoyancy of the water provide a relaxing environment for patients to exercise. This aids pain relief, relaxation, and fitness to improve general fitness. A valuable addition to your hotel’s wellness suite.

Guncast vitality pools and spas

A vitality pool is a great way to attract guests looking for hydrotherapy. A vitality pool is a small “swimming pool” that characteristically operates at a temperature of 38degC. It can feature air and water jets, bubble pads, massage benches, and powerful massage jets, and can be used by your guests for spa hydrotherapy, counter-current swimming (using the powerful jets), or water aerobics, as well as for massage and general relaxation. Add as a standalone small, heated spa pool, or adjoin to a full-sized indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

Talk to a Guncast Pools and Wellness expert

Wow your guests with the indulgent, five-star wellness experience they are looking for, whilst striking a balance between health, wellness, style, and function. Talk to the Guncast team about bespoke pools and wellness facilities. Make a face-to-face appointment, at the Manchester showroom, or we can come to your premises.