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New features from KLAFS to give your sauna or spa facility an Autumn boost

New features from KLAFS to give your sauna or spa facility an Autumn boost

KLAFS has built a solid reputation based on durable quality and innovation, introducing new products that push creative boundaries as well as the senses. Let’s take a look at two of the latest features KLAFS have introduced to complement their award-winning spas and saunas, taking relaxation to another level and creating an unrivalled spa experience, whether in a commercial spa or in the comfort of your own home.

 ENYA Infusion Bowl

In order for you to be able to offer your guests a sensual infusion experience throughout, KLAFS have developed the ENYA infusion bowl, which fits perfectly with our KLAFS MAJUS sauna heaters, perfectly complements the KLAFS automatic infusion system and is ready for the world of commercial saunas. With the new innovative solution, your guests can now enjoy some relaxing time-out in the sauna effortlessly and even more intensively than ever before. Simply set a desired time or start the infusion at the touch of a button and feel the soothingly invigorating moment of calm.

 ENYA Infusion Bowl


Now sauna lovers can enjoy that special moment of tranquillity and all the health benefits of the sauna bath even more effectively. KLAFS is the first manufacturer to offer a technical innovation that enriches soothing relaxation with automatic infusion comfort – the SANARIUM® heater MAJUS with VITALITY BOOST.

The new technology allows for a soothing yet more intensive sauna through automatic infusion, and the additional optimal air waving movement allows for an increased feeling of warmth. The VITALITY BOOST unfolds the full potential of a sauna heater, giving the sauna bather’s cardiovascular and immune system an intensive workout. KLAFS combines technical innovation with maximum comfort to create an exceptional sauna experience.

Lay back whilst the automated water running over hot stones creates a soothing soundscape of splashing and sizzling whilst the evaporation increases the humidity and perceived temperature within the sauna. The methodical waving completes the infusion with its effective function: the air current generated distributes the water vapour evenly and whirls away the cooling protective layer that forms on the skin during perspiration, therefore heated water vapour hits the skin directly, and the body temperature rises. In turn, this stimulates the vitalising turbo functions of the body and particularly trains the heart, blood circulation, and immune system more intensively.

The infusion experience can be enjoyed in complete relaxation with the integrated remote control, – the VITALITY BOOST can be simply activated with two words “HEY KLAFS” – or with the sauna control or start button in the cabin. It couldn’t be easier to take a relaxing sauna.

Optimum air distribution with the automated wave function

Illustration showing optimum air distribution with the automated wave function

With its movable air waving system, the wave function can be adjusted to suit the individual sauna bather. Wherever you sit or lie down to relax in the sauna, the heat boost is always felt equally intensively and surrounds the entire body with its targeted airflow. The fast and effective distribution promotes a healthy increase in body temperature which allows the body to activate its turbo function training for the heart, circulatory and immune systems even more strongly.

Individual, customised infusions

Because everybody is different, KLAFS has developed five different programmes within this product, allowing each sauna session to be individually designed. Choose from a mild, warm air programme without moisture or a gentle wash of water, and for the perfect feeling of wellness, this can also be combined with natural fragrances or sauna essential oils. Fragrances such as lavender or rosemary oil are safely and evenly distributed over the stones with the built-in infusion tray adding a sensory sauna experience with soothing fragrances.

With all these functional variations, KLAFS opens the door to a new dimension of relaxation and recuperation, in which you are in control, and every sauna session becomes a unique wellness experience for the individual.

Sauna with showcasing a sauna heater when on

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