Staying healthy during the cold season

Sustainably strengthen your immune system with regular saunas and dry salt inhalation, clearing the respiratory tract of viruses and bacteria.     


The days are getting shorter, and the winter winds are messengers of the upcoming cold months. It’s time to get cosy and enjoy the warmth and peace of a sauna. The good news is they also have more to offer besides relaxation, they can also help to get your immune system fit! More and more scientific findings suggest that regular sauna visits can effectively strengthen the immune system. Additional applications such as dry salt inhalation can then intensify the health-promoting effect, for example by clearing the respiratory tract of viruses and bacteria.  

More than a wellness ritual: activate your own defence mechanisms with the hot-cold stimulus

Our health depends on our immune system. Strengthening and supporting it so that it can successfully fight off diseases and infections is therefore particularly important. Especially when the cold season is approaching. An extremely pleasant and effective option that is both relaxing and health-promoting for body and mind is taking a sauna!

A look at the biological processes in the body explains why this is the case. The intense heat raises the body’s core temperature by one to two degrees Celsius. This artificial fever-like state triggers many processes. For example, immune cells, including T-cells and antibodies, are trained to produce defence substances – these cells are our body’s first lines of defence against pathogens. “After 6 months of regular sauna bathing, susceptibility to colds can drop by 50 %,” says Prof. Dr. Resch, head of the German Institute for Health Research in Hof/Saale.

At the same time, the body reacts to high temperatures by producing special messenger substances such as “free radicals” and “heat shock proteins”. These molecules act as sparring partners for our immune system.They accelerate a variety of metabolic processes and increase the efficiency of our body.

Sauna and dry salt mist can prevent viral infections

Taking a sauna also has the advantage that it opens the airways and loosens mucus. The warmth of the sauna ensures that the mucous membranes are moistened and have a much better blood supply. Inhalation of dry salt mist has been proven to additionally support the immune system and clear the airways down to the finest alveoli. KLAFS offers the patented Microsalt SaltProX for this purpose: This distributes a particularly fine dry salt mist evenly in the cabin, which has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect when inhaled and can loosen stuck secretions in the airways more easily. It stimulates blood circulation in the lungs and cleanses them as well as the entire respiratory tract of viruses and bacteria, but also allergens. “This makes the body much better able to fight off invading pathogens,” clarifies Prof. Dr. Resch. Coronaviruses, which are generally quite sensitive to heat, typically multiply first in the nasopharynx – just like flu viruses. The virus particles contained in droplets dock with special “arms” to the cells of the mucous membrane in a sophisticated way. It is therefore quite conceivable that viruses in the upper respiratory tract are deactivated with every breath taken in the sauna.

Regulate your body temperature through regular sauna bathing

Another positive effect: regular alternating warm and cold baths help the body to react more easily to large differences between outside and inside temperatures and to regulate the body’s temperature. When it is cold, i.e. when cooling down after a hot sauna bath, the body must try to counteract the threat of cooling down. Humans have largely lost the ability to do this in the course of their evolution, which is also due to the increasing use of insulating clothing. The body first tries to compensate for the loss of heat by reducing the blood flow to the skin. If this is not enough, shivering follows as an expression of increased muscle activity.

Regular sauna sessions can make the cold autumn and winter days a lot more bearable and help the body regulate its own temperature more efficiently and adapt more quickly to low outside temperatures. In short: sauna users freeze less and look forward to the coming winter in a more relaxed manner.

Sauna in every season – and for every room

In order to benefit from the long-term immune-boosting advantages, it is recommended to integrate sauna regularly into one’s lifestyle. More and more people are therefore opting for a sauna at home. For this, KLAFS has created an oasis of relaxation for every location. With their homely character and the different dimensional variants, they blend harmoniously into the ambience – from the spacious design sauna to the compact retractable S1 SAUNA, which can be collapsed to a cabinet depth of just 60 cm. Thanks to the S1 Zoom principle, the minimalist-design sauna unfolds its full potential in just 20 seconds at the touch of a button. Whether in a study, hallway or guest room, in a large house or small flat – the S1 offers perfect sauna enjoyment even in just a few square metres.

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