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What’s the difference between a Deck Level Pool and a Freeboard Skimmer Swimming Pool?

What’s the difference between a Deck Level Pool and a Freeboard Skimmer Swimming Pool?

Are you a Property Developer seeking the perfect addition to your wellness, or wet leisure project? Perhaps you’re an Architect envisioning a luxurious pool for a high-end property, or a designer crafting an oasis of relaxation for a private residence? If so, it’s important to be clued up about which type of swimming pool is best suited to your project. The good news? The experts at Guncast are here to help.

In the realm of swimming pool design, two distinct options stand out: the sophisticated deck level pool and the practical freeboard skimmer pool. we are often asked about the difference between the two, so let’s take a deep dive into both design options. We will help you better understand their features, benefits, and which could be the perfect fit for your project.

Deck Level Pools: Where Elegance Meets Infinity

Image of a swimming pool with house and tree in background

Infinity edge pool

Sometimes referred to as infinity edge pools, deck level swimming pools exude an air of sophistication. Providing breathtaking, uninterrupted views, the water cascades gracefully over the coping stone, flowing into a discrete grill or slot. But there’s more to them than meets the eye.

One of the most striking differences between deck level and freeboard skimmer pools is the way they manage water circulation. In deck level pools, skimmers are replaced by a gully that encircles the pool. This design incorporates a deck level gully or channels discreetly positioned around one or more sides of the pool. These low-set gullies serve a dual purpose: not only do they capture the water, but they also contribute to the captivating illusion of an infinity edge.

However, such designs come with specific requirements. Deck level swimming pools demand a balance tank. This is an essential element in maintaining the water level and ensuring consistent flow. So, if you’re aiming to build a luxury oasis with an endless horizon, a deck level pool could be your canvas.

Freeboard Skimmer Pools: Simplicity Meets Functionality

Large pool with water reflecting sunshine

Swimming pool

There is also the more frequently chosen freeboard skimmer pool, depicted in the images above. In the United Kingdom, these pools tend to be the most popular design, owing to their simplicity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. The principle is straightforward: the water level is slightly below the top of the pool wall, giving you a clear visual distinction between the water and the pool’s edge.

Unlike their deck level counterparts, freeboard skimmer swimming pools rely on surface skimmers to draw water off the pool. This practical design ensures that leaves, debris, and any unwanted elements are efficiently removed from the water’s surface, maintaining the pool’s cleanliness.

The appeal of freeboard skimmer pools is not just in their simplicity but also in their flexibility. They provide ample room for creative expression during the swimming pool design phase, making them an attractive choice for architects and designers seeking to balance form and function.

Choosing Your Pool: A Glimpse into the Guncast Architect Zone

If you’re finding it challenging to decide between these two pool options, fear not! Whether you’re an architect sculpting spaces, a designer crafting experiences, or an end user seeking relaxation, there’s a resource waiting for you.

Sign up to the Architect Zone on the Guncast website to discover a treasure trove of insights. Here, you can gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in the design stage, and the swimming pool construction process. From the initial concept to the final masterpiece, this zone provides the knowledge you need to make an informed decision that aligns with your project’s vision and goals.

The world of swimming pool design is a realm of innovation and creativity. Deck level pools and freeboard skimmer pools offer distinct advantages, each catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of the infinity edge or the practicality of a skimmer pool, understanding these options empowers you to bring your aquatic project to life with Guncast.

Our team of experts can support you from the beginning of your project planning journey to the installation and maintenance of your pool project. Take a look at our online portfolio for inspiration and get in touch today.