5 Key Trends in Swimming Pool Design in 2024

In a realm where relaxation meets innovation, swimming pools have transcended their traditional roles to become captivating focal points and luxurious retreats. From cutting-edge designs that seamlessly blend with nature to smart technologies that enhance the overall pool experience, natural design elements are being used to create multi-use outdoor oasis for relaxation and exercise, with wellbeing and sustainability at the core. This article is your gateway to the hottest trends shaping the aquatic landscape.

 1          Smart Pool Technology

Smart technology is transforming pool aesthetics. Automated systems can now give you seamless control of pool functions to suit your preferences and optimize energy usage. We understand our duty to explore more technically advanced and sustainable solutions, while maintaining the high-quality conditions we were already achieving. Guncast Pools and Wellness has designed and developed three premium filtration packages: Guncast Smart, Guncast Premium, and Guncast Sustainable. Our aim is to incorporate recycled materials together with water treatment systems to achieve premium water quality for any swimming pool, while helping to reduce the amount of chemicals used and sent to drain.

 2          Biophilic Designs

The biophilic approach seeks to create harmony between pool design and nature using natural looking materials and lighting to seamlessly merge the water surface with the surrounding environment. Architectural elements, such as adjoining plunge pools or stone walls, add a natural dimension with visual appeal, while infinity pools (also known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools) create the optical illusion of water extending to the horizon and blend with the environment. Natural looking materials, such as stone or porcelain, enhance the natural aesthetic and provide sophistication and style to the contemporary design.

3          Pool Features

Like everything, swimming pools have evolved more rapidly over the past few decades and are now transforming our once bland water baths into dynamic spaces adorned with an array of enticing features that elevate the aquatic experience. Picture cascading waterfalls, powerful swan neck massagers, and bubble seats for pure relaxation, whilst counter current technology for resistance swimming caters for those that are feeling more energetic. As swimming pool design continues to evolve, these features not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to a harmonious blend of functionality and lifestyle.

4          Immersive LED Lighting

LED lights and fibre optics are an important element of contemporary pool design. These energy-efficient lights create the right atmosphere to suit your mood, with a variety of programmable colours that can be synchronized to music. Smart lighting can react to movement, changing moods and time of day to create the perfect ambiance.

5          Wellness and Multi-functional Space

Pools are no longer solely places for recreation but are being reinvented as therapeutic oases for holistic wellbeing. Underwater meditation spaces, therapeutic jets, and hydrotherapy zones for relaxation, stress relief and rejuvenation are gaining popularity, while exercise hubs for the health-conscious can be tailored to your desires with resistance currents for laps or stationary swimming. The addition of a sauna or steam room is now more achievable with innovative space saving designs such as the S1 from KLAFS, while moving floor pools can transform your pool back into a functional floor space in seconds.

The main concepts in pool design can inform your personal choice to create the perfect tailored solution to suit your lifestyle needs. Your pool can incorporate the basic elements or be as innovative as you wish. Alternatively, you can merge the two to create a natural aesthetic with contemporary functionality for convenience and energy efficiency.

To begin your design journey, talk to our bespoke swimming pool design experts, and discover how we can turn your vision into a reality.