Ultimate pool water quality from new Guncast premium and sustainable filtration and water treatment system


Guncast Pools and Wellness has designed and developed three new premium filtration packages to suit high-end residential indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The filtration packages help reduce the amount of chemicals needed for water treatment, benefitting the pool users and the environment.

Swimming pool filtration and water treatment is necessary and important for the safety of the pool users. One of the concerns Guncast has always had, was regarding the amount of chemicals used for this necessary process, that are potentially sent to drain. 

In developing the three new filtration packages, Guncast Smart, Guncast Premium, and Guncast Sustainable, our aim is to incorporate recycled materials together with water treatment systems to achieve premium water quality for any swimming pool, while helping to reduce the amount of chemicals used and sent to drain.

We understand our duty to explore a more technically advanced and sustainable solution, while maintaining the high-quality bathing and pool hall environmental conditions we were already achieving. 

Launched in March 2022, the new packages incorporate new and existing technologies in a Hybrid mode, in line with Guncast’s commitment to energy reduction. Single and multiple pools can have filtration, features and air handling systems, all controlled via Guncast’s own intelligent 250mm LCD touchscreen-based control panels.

We have also incorporated energy efficient pumps and variable speed drives, allowing flexible operation. This is in line with Guncast’s commitment to energy reduction, paired with our aim to provide efficient pipework systems that reduce velocity and friction.

Deep bed filters will incorporate materials derived from recycled glass, which results show is an improvement over traditional sand. This is an important factor when looking at the system’s ecological impact, as sand needs to be quarried from the ground.

The Guncast Sustainable filter system is a joint venture package that will feature a complete filtration and water treatment system from a committed CO2 neutral manufacturer. These will also incorporate hi-tec pool water treatment systems with salt-based disinfection via an onsite electrolytic generation system that offers naturally fresh pool water.

The existing ozone or high output UV primary disinfection systems with fully automatic residual control, and medium to high-rate sand filtration, are still available from Guncast, offering impressive swimming pool water and pool hall air quality.

For more information about eco-friendly swimming pool filtration, or to discuss your swimming pool project, please contact us to speak with a specialist.