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Searching for swimming pool inspiration? Take a look at this stunning indoor pool and wellness suite

This stunning indoor swimming pool and spa project with a steam room and cold plunge pool was designed by Yiangou Architects for a private residence in Berkshire, UK. Guncast Pools & Wellness were commissioned to design, supply and install the individual leisure suite elements, working alongside the architects and design team.


The Guncast team worked with the talented designers at Yiangou to help them create a luxurious indoor oasis with a natural, tranquil aesthetic. Guncast and Yiangou have enjoyed a very fruitful & reciprocal long standing working relationship together.


Swimming Pool for exercise or relaxation

The centrepiece of this project is the 20m x 6m x 1.2-2m swimming pool with deep blue tiling, which offers ample space for swimming laps or simply relaxing in the cool water.


A statement spa pool

The spa, which features underwater LED lights, is situated in the centre of one length of the pool, with a weir onto the pool. Two sets of steps allow users to enter the swimming pool from each side of the spa.

The swimming pool features a shallow area known as the “play zone.” This area is approximately 6.645m long, 1.395m wide, and 300mm deep, making it perfect for children or anyone who wants to enjoy the water without having to swim. Three volcano heads, which create three jets from one pump, are located on the right side of this area. On the other side of the play zone, there is a formed lounger area facing the pool. There is sufficient space for friends and family to relax comfortably and socialise by the pool.


Atmospheric pool lighting

The pool area is beautifully illuminated with underwater LED lights, which add to the overall ambiance of the space. Large format tiling covers the majority of the pool, except for the play zone and lounger area, which are finished with a bespoke stainless-steel plate that holds the overhanging coping tile.


Bespoke Steam Room

In addition to the swimming pool and spa, the expert Guncast team also installed a custom-designed, oval-shaped, luxury KLAFS steam room. Yiangou Architects design is natural and minimalistic, allowing plenty of room for guests. The skylight above it allows natural light to filter into the room, providing a serene and relaxing experience for users.


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