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Rejuvenate and recharge with summer sauna sessions from KLAFS and Guncast

Rejuvenate and recharge with summer sauna sessions from KLAFS and Guncast

We all look forward to summer, sun, and sunshine, but the scorching temperatures can sometimes be a challenge to endure. Whilst many will opt for a cool drink or air-conditioned space to cool down, Guncast has another suggestion – summer sauna sessions. The heat experienced in a sauna is significantly different from the summer heat we encounter outside and can therefore offer a unique number of benefits to improve your well-being, immune system and heat tolerance in the warm months ahead.

Saunas for Summer Wellness

The idea of visiting a 90-degree sauna may seem counterintuitive in hot weather. While saunas in winter certainly have their own charm, sauna baths have a health-promoting, relaxing, and revitalising effect – even in summer. The low humidity in a sauna offers an entirely different warmth compared to the sweltering summer air. Furthermore, sauna sessions exercise the cardiovascular system and stimulate the production of antibodies by the body’s immune cells. This could help prevent illnesses, particularly the bothersome summer flu.

Heat and Cold Stimuli: Boosting Health

Regular sauna use throughout the year can train the body and increase heat tolerance through a process called ‘’acclimatisation’’. Frequent sauna bathing can help your body adapt to hotter temperatures by training its natural response to heat stress. What’s more, the interplay between heat and cold stimuli further enhances the health benefits of a sauna session. Improved circulation, relaxed muscles and even the promotion of weight loss through sauna use can make it easier to endure the warm summer months.

Adapting Saunas for Milder Conditions

For those who prefer milder temperatures and humidity levels, the KLAFS SANARIUM with SaunaPUR®, available from Guncast, is an ideal choice. This innovative sauna allows customisation based on personal preferences. With five different climate zones, sauna enthusiasts can adjust the temperature and humidity to their liking. The KLAFS SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® is suitable for sauna beginners or individuals with pre-existing conditions, as it gently warms the body with milder temperatures and pleasant humidity. The positive health effects of sauna bathing remain just as significant in these alternative forms of bathing.

Saunas for Every Season and Space

Saunas have year-round benefits for the body and mind, prompting more people to opt for a sauna at home. KLAFS, the world market leader in saunas, wellness, and spa solutions, offers relaxation and well-being oases to suit every location. From saunas with spacious design, to the compact and retractable KLAFS S1, which can be folded down to a cabinet depth of just 60 cm, there are options for everyone. The KLAFS S1 Sauna comes in a variety of alternative editions, including the popular Infrared S1. But it’s not just the S1 that promises to find its place is almost any home – Guncast also offers KLAFS made-to-measure Saunas. From vaulted cellars to attics – there’s usually room for a sauna once you’ve found the right solution.

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Guncast provides a wide range of KLAFS wellness products, including bespoke saunas and steam rooms, delivering exceptional and uncompromising, award-winning sauna installations that you can trust. To find out more about the benefits, features, and options for your summer sauna sessions, get in touch with our specialist wellness team today.