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Microsalt SaltProX – The soothing extra for sauna

Microsalt SaltProX – The soothing extra for sauna

There are many benefits of a sauna,and now there’s one more. SaltProX is the first Microsalt device designed especially for private homes. Using new scientific findings in Microsalt technology, which recieved the european Health and Spa Award 2014, KLAFS have now made this unique patented technology available for private households.

The perfect combination for wellbeing

With the SaltProX, any sauna can be converted into a salt inhalation room. Small, light, and elegant, the SaltProX has been designed to travel anywhere, even in your hand luggage. Designed for use in a sauna or a warm dry room. This dry salt aerosol is distributed evenly in the cabin or room. The result: maximum benefits for you with minimum effort.

The many advantages of the Microsalt concept

The Microsalt application is particularly useful for people with respiratory disorders. With it’s patented grinding technology, Microsalt SaltProX generates a particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality, which then spreads around the entires cabin. Due to the friction of the individual salt crystals, these are crushed to a very fine powder and also become negatively charged (triboelectric effect). The resulting ionisation of individual salt particles boosts the distribution in the room and thus also the cleaning of the air, that is constantly in touch with the airways and the skin. When inhaling, these fine salt particles – unlike with conventional salt applications – spread across the entire respiratory system, from the nose, the sinuses, the throat to the extreme lung areas , and can have an expectorant effect here. The application of Microsalt results in an in-depth cleaning of the airways right down to the finest alveoli as well as the cleansing and revitalisation of the skin.

Diagram of human body, specifically looking at lungs

Regular inhalations can also support the immune system. Microsalt is especially recommended for hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis or chronic lung diseases, and people suffering from cold, flu or struggling with sinusitis, as well as for people with skin diseases, sleep disorders or depression.

Further health benefits

  • Dry salt aerosols have strong hygroscopic properties and help dissolve secretions lodged iin the airways.
  • Dry salt aerosols have an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect.
  • Dry salt aerosols stimulate the removal of mucus and dirt from the airways
  • With over 99% sodium chloride, the natural rock salt used for the Microsalt application has the highest level of purity found in nature.


Microsalt machine

The SaltProX is designed to be easy to use and safe, so all the family can enjoy the many benefits of the SaltProX.

Guncast is part of the KLAFS group, and so can offer you a complete wellness package, from bespoke luxury swimming pools, to high spec saunas and steem rooms, including the SaltproX addition. The SaltProX is currently being sold at a discounted price until the end of the year, to find out more contact our team.