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The new KLAFS TARAS Outdoor Sauna, now available from Guncast

The new KLAFS TARAS Outdoor Sauna, now available from Guncast

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These days, you don’t need to visit your local spa, gym, or health club to partake in a relaxing and rejuvenating sauna session. Your wellness journey can take place in the comfort of your home thanks to a variety of innovative sauna solutions. The latest trend is the outdoor sauna, ideal for your garden – particularly to complement an outdoor swimming pool and leisure area.

Why have a sauna outside?

The new KLAFS TARAS outdoor Sauna, now available through Guncast, presents a distinctive opportunity for users to relax and revitalise within the refreshing embrace of outdoor settings. With your own private retreat in nature, you can feed your body and soul with nature. You can cool down in the fresh air, experience the different seasons and feel at one with the outdoors.

Installing a sauna in your garden space also removes any requirement for home renovations or special ventilation as required by some indoor sauna projects. No earthwork or foundation work is necessary to set up the KLAFS TARAS Sauna – all that is required is a clear installation area with a gravel bed, a drainage layer, and a power connection. Therefore, the KLAFS TARAS Sauna can find its place on a balcony, terrace, patio, or fit harmoniously into the landscape design of your garden space. An outdoor sauna is also a unique feature that could improve the overall value of your home.

Bespoke sauna design for your space

It is possible to tailor the look of this sauna to your specific preferences to ensure the KLAFS TARAS blends seamlessly with your landscape design. For the sauna’s interior, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of wood options such as Scandinavian Spruce, Hemlock, Natural Ash, or Thermowood. When it comes to the external cladding, you can select from chameleon fibre cement, various shades of grey fibre cement or Douglas fir wood varnished in black or grey. The glass front doors of the KLAFS TARAS sauna also have a range of customisation choices, which includes insulated glazing. The insulated option helps to minimise the sauna’s energy usage.

Whichever design choices you make for your KLAFS TARAS sauna, you can rest assured that the robust, weatherproof outer panels will keep your private wellness retreat functional throughout the year, aided by the slim, flat roof construction with internal and controlled roof drainage.

Incorporating an outdoor sauna into your health and wellness routine

Regardless of outdoor temperatures, the sauna will achieve optimal bathing temperatures within just 30 minutes, meaning you can indulge in a multitude of health and wellness benefits all year round.

Contact Guncast today

If you’re considering taking your home wellness area outdoors, and you have questions about installing an outdoor sauna, contact us. Guncast can help you learn more about the benefits offered by the KLAFS TARAS Sauna and help you to start planning your bespoke sauna and wellness area at home, today.