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Caldarium or Laconium? Ancient Thermal Bathing from KLAFS

Caldarium or Laconium? Ancient Thermal Bathing from KLAFS

Roman style baths have been a popular addition to modern-day spas and wellness areas, providing a unique relaxation experience that focuses on heat and regeneration. Both the caldarium and laconium are part of classic Roman bathing culture and feature intricate tiling and ancient detailing, but what distinguishes these luxury facilities?

Dry and gentle warmth with a Laconium

The laconium creates a dry heat environment with temperatures ranging from 38 – 42 °C. The gentle warmth of the laconium allows for a longer treatment, bringing added luxury to exclusive spas and wellness areas.

Focusing on soothing heat and regeneration, this mild variety of thermal relaxation is particularly suited to those who suffer from respiratory problems and find extreme temperatures uncomfortable. Unwinding in a laconium helps to soothe the body, mind and soul, and eases away stresses and tensions.

Humid and intense heat with a KLAFS Caldarium

The caldarium is an ancient thermal bath that boasts luxury heated flooring, walls and benches. Caldariums are also frequently used before indulging in highly tempered saunas or by those who suffer from circulatory issues. However, the caldarium provides a more intense heat than the laconium, with the temperature typically reaching a slightly higher 45°C.

The concentrated heat experienced in a caldarium penetrates deep into the body, boosting circulation and helping to flush toxins from the skin. Indulging in this thermal KLAFS facility can also aid achy muscles, melt away tension and relieve sore joints, perfect for deep relaxation.

Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to deliver exceptional and uncompromising thermal installations that you can trust. We can design made-to-measure luxury wellness areas that vibrantly complement properties across the UK.

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