The Innovative Hidden Swimming Pool – and Why They are in Demand

The allure of a designer, hidden floor swimming pool is undeniable… but what are the more practical advantages that this luxury innovation has to offer – making it such a sought after feature in swimming pool design?

Floor Space

One of the biggest reasons people opt for a hidden floor swimming pool is its dual use functionality – particularly in cities like London where space is at a premium. A moving floor swimming pool gives users the versatility of deciding between a swimming pool, a spare room, extra patio space and more, all at the touch of a button.

Safety and Variable Depth Flexibility

When the moving floor is secured into position, the swimming pool is completely inaccessible to children, animals and other vulnerable users and therefore a very safe solution for both home and commercial use.  Additionally, the depth of the hidden swimming pool can be adjusted to suit deep dives, child-friendly shallow depths, mid-depth water games or even 6 inches for a tea-light laden water feature.

Environmental Benefits

Having a covered pool helps to retain heat and makes a notable difference to both energy retention and reduced evaporation.  Keeping a swimming pool enclosed when not in use also cuts the amount of chemicals required to treat the water – making the hidden floor swimming pool a more eco-friendly option.

Cutting Edge Technology

A moving floor swimming pool combines the most cutting-edge technology and versatility with the precision engineering of a hidden swimming pool resulting in a smooth and seamless transition from floor to pool.  These pools effectively let users walk on water, thanks to dynamic and on-demand functionality right beneath their feet.