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How to make the most out of your basement with a luxury swimming pool

How to make the most out of your basement with a luxury swimming pool

Basement Spa Pool in London

If lockdown has proved anything, it’s that your home should be the ultimate getaway, an oasis. Once you close the front door, you should be able to also close the door on all issues, worries and stresses.

You might not think your property has the space for a luxury Guncast swimming pool, however, we’ve transformed some basements into some truly breathtaking spaces.

Basement spa pools

Guncast Swimming Pools helped to create this stunning spa pool in a newly constructed London basement.

Basement Pools

This indoor spa pool includes state-of-the-art design innovations and features to take this London basement pool to an extraordinary level of luxury and quality.

Basement Pools

The London basement pool also features a primary ozone water treatment facility to ensure the highest quality of water treatment but without the strong odours of chlorine within the swimming pool environment.

Basement swimming pools

Digging down into a basement creates an excellent space for an indoor swimming pool and wellness suite. Designed and constructed by Guncast, this luxurious basement swimming pool in Wimbledon, London, offers a generous-sized pool, with a stunning stone wall and water feature.

Basement Pools

The pool also features a light well, letting natural light flood into the swimming pool from the garden above. The sunken courtyard at the back of pool leads with steps up into the garden. With a deck level pool design, the water seamlessly joins with the stone surround, resulting in a mirror-like effect.

Basement Pools

With space at a premium, basement swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular and with innovations in pool design and technology, basement pools are in-demand, especially in parts of London and surrounding counties.

Experts in luxury swimming pool design

Guncast has over 40 years’ experience in designing and building luxury swimming pools in the UK and beyond.

We create elegant and timeless pools that complement high-end properties, using the available space effectively and efficiently. Contact us today to book a consultation with our experienced and professional team.