How can you reduce your sauna running costs as energy prices rise?

The popularity of home spas is rising, partly due to the health and wellness benefits. Unfortunately, energy bills are also rising. With uncertainty around whether energy prices will soar again, and growing concerns for the environment, many people are searching for greener bathing options for their homes. KLAFS GREEN packages, available from Guncast, can help you lower the running costs of your sauna and steam room. Here’s how.

Reduce sauna heat loss with the KLAFS GREEN SAUNA package

Reduce sauna heat loss with the KLAFS GREEN SAUNA package

When it comes to running your sauna at home, heat loss is the greatest contributor to wasted energy. The leading cause of that is too much ventilation, which is responsible for a huge 75% of lost heat. While it is important to have the right amount of fresh air in a sauna, too much ventilation will push up your energy bills unnecessarily. 

Available for almost all KLAFS saunas, the KLAFS GREEN SAUNA package from Guncast includes double ceiling insulation and a “Green” switch button. The switch can be used to temporarily turn off lights and other features, only making them active while someone is inside the sauna cabin. This helps to save energy.

Heat retention is another way to save energy. An automatic closing flap for the ventilation system and the double-walled EcoPlus thermal ceiling help to retain the heat inside the cabin for a long time, as well as reducing heat lost in between uses. It also means when the next bather enters the sauna, the cabin will take less energy to warm up again, as it has retained some heat. 

Combining stylish and functional sauna design and construction, with efficient energy management, the KLAFS GREEN SAUNA package from Guncast can help you make energy savings of over 40% a year on your sauna bathing, without sacrificing your luxury or comfort. It is also available on almost every KLAFS product, from Guncast.

Lower your steam bath’s electricity use with the KLAFS GREEN STEAM package

Lower your steam bath’s electricity use with the KLAFS GREEN STEAM package

A steam bath provides ultimate relaxation as part of your complete wellness journey at home, as well as relief from rheumatic complaints and respiratory problems. Available with every KLAFS Steam Bath, the KLAFS GREEN STEAM package from Guncast helps to reduce the energy you use while you bathe, as it requires less electricity than a standard steam bath. It also reduces the environmental impact of your steam bath.

The KLAFS GREEN STEAM package uses STEAMIX and OPTISTREAM. STEAMIX helps to create a perfect steam room climate, mixing steam with fresh air and essences immediately before it is injected into the room, so it is always hot, but never scolding. OPTISTEAM, with its clever air flow system, is used to ensure the steam in the room is constant and dense – ideal for relaxed bathing.

The KLAFS GREEN STEAM system from Guncast delivers optimum energy use and maximum bathing comfort, with excellent fog formation, due to the thermal insulation of the steam pipe, the steam bath, and the steam cylinder.

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