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Hydrotherapy Meets Stunning Design

Hydrotherapy Meets Stunning Design

The freedom of water. There’s absolutely nothing quite like it! Hydrotherapy comes with a variety of benefits from muscle relaxation to improved general wellbeing and everything in between.

Hydrotherapy has been proven to help with conditions such as lower back pain, Osteoarthritis, post-surgery and more. Covid-19 quickly put a stop to the use of public swimming pools, however, have you considered having a hydrotherapy swimming pool of your own?

Hydrotherapy Pools by Guncast

The hydrotherapy swimming pool, in its purest sense, is a swimming pool used for treatment,  where the water is approximately 34ºc to 38 ºc.

The combination of extra heat and the buoyancy of the water provides a relaxing medium for pain relieving exercises and improvement of general fitness. The filtration and disinfection system, together with the usability of the pool, is paramount.

Luxurious Vitality Pools and Spas

Equipped with air and water jets, and often features such as bubble pads, massage benches and powerful massage jets, vitality pools typically operate at a temperature of 38 ºc.

These small “swimming pools” can be used for spa hydrotherapy, countercurrent swimming against powerful jets, water aerobics, massage and general relaxation.

Elite Swimming Pool Design by Guncast

From initial design to expert finish, Guncast is committed to delivering beautiful, bespoke designer swimming pools on time, on budget and with minimal fuss. The Guncast pool maintenance team is one of the most experienced teams in the world.

For expert advice or support, contact our dedicated swimming pool team on +44 (0)1798 343725.