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KLAFS Sauna Accessories to Enhance Your Thermal Journey

KLAFS Sauna Accessories to Enhance Your Thermal Journey

A state-of-the-art sauna doesn’t just happen by chance. For an incomparable relaxation experience that enchants the senses, Guncast provides additional KLAFS sauna equipment to upgrade your thermal cabin. But what sauna accessories are best for you? We’ve collated our favourite KLAFS upgrades to suit a range of modern and homely styles.

Dry Salt Halotherapy at Home With KLAFS Microsalt

Recreate a trip to the seaside and revitalize your airways with Microsalt. Low maintenance, easy operation and an extreme feel-good factor makes the SaltProX the perfect sauna companion. Great for both regular and Infrared saunas, your sauna can be converted into a salt inhalation room, creating a pleasant microclimate with a high salt-aerosol concentration. With over 99% sodium chloride, the natural rock salt used for the Microsalt application has the highest level of purity found in nature.

Sit Back and Relax With Ergonomic Sauna Cushions

Whatever atmosphere you desire, there’s a KLAFS MOLLIS cushion to suit you. Beautiful textiles combined with various subtle and fresh colours complete the sauna interior, creating an intimate space for you to enjoy. Providing blissful comfort with 3D spacer fabric, the easy-to-disinfect material features the finest pile yarns for high air permeability and thermal insulation. Comfort has never looked so good.

Experience a Sauna Under a Starry Sky

Saunas are relaxing enough, but what transforms a good sauna into a luxury sauna is the clever use of lighting, such as the KLAFS STARRY SKY. Turning the ceiling into a blanket of twinkling stars, your sauna will become the perfect place to recharge after a long day.

Elegant Sauna Lighting With Romeo & Julia Pendants

Create an elegant atmosphere in your sauna cabin with premium sauna lighting from KLAFS.
The beautiful ornamental pattern of the ROMEO & JULIA sauna lights conjures up an attractive interplay of light on the heater and sauna ceiling. Suitable for use above sauna heaters, the lights are temperature-resistant and dimmable.

Reap the Benefits of Infrared Saunas

After a long day, what better way to relax and unwind than with an infrared heat treatment session in your home? Perfectly designed to complement your sauna, the award-winning KLAFS InfraPLUS sauna package features an adjustable backrest so you can sit comfortably and enjoy a revolutionary infrared sauna session.

With the innovative SensoCare sensor system, the radiation intensity is automatically adjusted according to the body temperature, without overstressing your skin. This deep heat therapy helps to purify and detoxify the body and skin, whilst providing effective pain relief to the back and shoulders.

Imagination has no limits when it comes to customising your sauna and our experienced spa design team is more than happy to help. Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to provide a luxurious wellness experience that is tailor-made to meet your specific needs. With stunning features and finishes to choose from, KLAFS delivers exceptional and uncompromising sauna designs.

For trusted advice and more information contact the Guncast team on 01798 343725 or via email at Alternatively, complete our contact form and one of our consultants will be in touch.