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Maximise space in your home with a hidden basement pool

Maximise space in your home with a hidden basement pool

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If you’ve been considering a home swimming pool but you’re not sure you have the space, take inspiration from this Guncast swimming pool project, and install a moving floor swimming pool in your basement.

The main reason to choose a moving floor pool, or hidden pool, is to create a multifunctional space. This London-based property owner wanted a swimming pool for exercise, as well as an entertaining space, or gallery.

This resulted in the design and build of a swimming pool over 20m long by 3.8m wide with a maximum operational depth of 1.4m. The swimming pool incorporates a self-depositing step system and has been finished in stone, with a moving floor deck, both of which match the surround area. A water wall and rill add character and elegance to the indoor swimming pool, reflecting the décor of the room. The long, narrow pool is perfect for lap training, as requested by the owners.

The incorporation of a moving floor forms a dual function gallery space, as required by the client. Because this space was designed to be used as a gallery, it had to be a clear area, free from the visual and practical limitations of structural support columns.

It was a challenging project partly due to the property’s location in busy Notting Hill, London, and the deep basement, both of which impact access and offloading. Moving floor projects also bring their own set of challenges, due to the elevated level of mechanics, and precision engineering involved. Guncast was the preferred choice to complete the project, due to our engineering skills and vast experience in designing and building moving floor pools.

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If you’re considering installing a swimming pool and / or spa at your home, talk to a Guncast specialist. We can design and install the perfect pool to complement your property, whether it’s a moving floor pool, a vitality pool, an indoor pool or an outdoor pool. For the ultimate health and wellness journey at home, consider including a sauna or steam room. The Guncast and KLAFS UK team can offer a range of sauna and steam products to suit your needs.