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Moving Floor Swimming Pools: Your Questions Answered

Moving Floor Swimming Pools: Your Questions Answered

Moving Floor
Moving floor swimming pools, often referred to as movable floor swimming pools, hidden floor swimming pools or disappearing floor swimming pools, are a great way to expand on your property without adding to the footprint of your home. They’re quickly becoming the hottest investment that you can make in your home and it’s not hard to see why.

Here, we answer some of your top questions about the latest swimming pool trend…

1. What is a Moving Floor Swimming Pool?

A moving floor swimming pool is a pool that can be quickly and easily transformed to provide a multi-functional space that can be used for entertaining, exercise, or however else you see fit – the possibilities are endless!

2. How Does the Moving Floor Work?

Beneath a Guncast movable pool floor is the powerful mechanical Spiralift® technology, originally designed to lift a whole orchestra. Rather than cables and buoyancy structures, Guncast moving floor pools use a series of extremely compact lift systems to perform silent and reliable pool transformations.

3. How Long Does the Floor Take to Be Lowered / Raised?

Not long at all! Our technology relies on the assembly of two stainless-steel bands to form a durable column with high stability. With multiple units operating in complete silence underneath the pool floor, a desired floor height can be achieved within just 15 minutes.

4. How Much Weight Can the Moving Floor Hold?

This completely depends on your needs – we can design a movable floor to bear any desired load!

5. Is a Moving Floor Swimming Pool Safe?

With floors that can be adjusted to variable depths, a moving floor swimming pool is a safer option for families. Adults can enjoy relaxing and swimming at full depths, while children and pets can play in shallower water. The pool can also be transformed into a fully functioning, solid floor in minutes, ensuring total peace of mind where young children and pets’ safety is concerned.

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