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How to Make an Outdoor Swimming Pool Usable in Winter

How to Make an Outdoor Swimming Pool Usable in Winter

Swimming outdoors has plenty of benefits; it’s great for improving circulation, easing stress and boosting endorphin levels – but is this possible during the winter when the colder weather is an issue? The short answer is yes. Outdoor swimming doesn’t need to be restricted to the summer months, and with quality swimming pool maintenance and plenty of planning ahead, a Guncast luxury swimming pool can be kept open all year round. 

Outdoor Swimming Pool Heating

Pool heaters can maintain a comfortable temperature during the colder months and can be set up to perform economically, so there is full control over energy consumption. Investing in a quality swimming pool heating system makes all the difference. Guncast’s experienced swimming pool builders will make sure everything is properly installed and running smoothly to guarantee the swimming pool is fully operational, regardless of the forecast.

Insulating Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic swimming pool covers help to retain heat and maintain the desired pool temperature, which not only makes for a more pleasurable swimming experience, it also reduces the level of heating required, which in turn can help to reduce energy consumption.

Moving Floor Swimming Pools

Investing in a moving floor swimming pool is one of the most advantageous and long-term solutions to winter-proofing a pool, without compromising on space. The swimming pool floor can be raised to preserve heat, reduce evaporation and retain energy. Moving floor swimming pools are the eco-friendlier solution to maintaining warmth, as less chemicals are needed to treat the water when the pool is closed.  

It’s not just winter that hidden floor swimming pools protect against, the innovative raised floor will prevent the inevitable fall of autumn leaves from contaminating the water.

Guncast use patented Spiralift Technology, and our expert team of swimming pool builders create beautiful pools that reflect Guncast’s leading reputation. 

Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance

Luxury swimming pools perform best when serviced regularly, much like a car. Guncast Swimming Pool’s Service Division engineers are experienced in ‘winterizing’ outdoor swimming pools, and follow key checks:

● Check the pool cover / make any repairs required

● Check the water pH and chemistry

● Deep clean the swimming pool before closing up

● Make regular checks throughout the winter

Guncast swimming pool designers create eye-catching, bespoke pools that incorporate both luxury aesthetics and premium functionality. Routine swimming pool maintenance is essential to the longevity and operational performance of any outdoor swimming pool, and Guncast’s rapid response can help ensure your pool is fit for use all year round. 

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