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Close Your Eyes and Relax With the KLAFS Pendulum Lounger

Close Your Eyes and Relax With the KLAFS Pendulum Lounger

With a KLAFS Pendulum Lounger, all you have to do is close your eyes. SWAY, the new lounger by KLAFS, does the rest, rocking you into a refreshing power nap with its gentle pendulum movement.

Gently Swaying You Away From Everyday Stresses

Throughout 2020, more importance has been placed on mental health and personal wellbeing than ever before. Whether it’s after a stressful day or maybe you just need some time to yourself, the KLAFS Pendulum Lounger offers the perfect getaway from everyday life.

How does forgetting about everything for 15 to 20 minutes sound? That’s all the time that’s needed to transport you to a world of tranquility in your own home.

Within seconds, a pleasant, cosy feeling envelops your body and your mind begins to let go of everything; soon, you won’t even notice the rocking movement. Instead, the pendulum frequency is cleverly gauged to help your body and mind relax completely. Even though the time is too short for a deep sleep phase, 15-20 minutes is quite sufficient to leave you feeling totally refreshed. You’ll find it easier to concentrate, be more productive, and return to your daily work with renewed energy. No matter what time of day it is.

KLAFS at Guncast

Guncast is the selected UK partner for KLAFS products. Our aim is to make the design and installation process as easy as possible, so you can relax and concentrate on getting excited about your new KLAFS steam, sauna and relaxation.

Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to deliver exceptional and uncompromising luxury steam bath installations for bespoke wellness areas. For expert advice, you can contact the team on 01798 343725 or via email at

KLAFS Pendulum Lounger