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Steam Your Way to Better Health With KLAFS at Guncast

Steam Your Way to Better Health With KLAFS at Guncast

After an intensive work out, busy day at the office or dinner with the in-laws, there’s no better way to let off steam than by simply immersing yourself in it.

You’re probably already familiar with the luxurious sensation that a steam bath provides, with the blissful, humid warmth washing over your body and easing your mind. But what are the health benefits of steam? And should steam bathing become a regular step in your wellness routine? Read on to find out.

Saunas or Steam Baths – What’s the Difference?

Firstly, it’s important to note the differences between steam baths and saunas. Whilst both achieve a similar outcome, what occurs in the thermal cabins is quite different.

Reaching a dry heat of up to 100 degrees, saunas provide intense relaxation, easing rigid muscles and relieving tension. Steam baths on the other hand produce a moist water vapour with humidity levels of up to 100%. Whilst the temperatures aren’t quite as hot as those reached in the sauna cabin, the benefits are just as pleasing.

Sooth Respiratory Issues With Regular Steam Bathing

Breathe easy. Steam has proven to be very effective for soothing respiratory implications such as allergies and asthma. The warm vapour prompts the airways to open and helps to clear away congestion, melting away aches and pains in the process. Particularly beneficial for those with bronchitis, the calming humidity is widely recommended to relieve wheezing and help the lungs drain mucus.

Ease Your Aches and Pains With a Steam Bath

If you suffer from joint pain, backache or muscle soreness, just five to fifteen minutes in a steam bath could help ease your discomfort. Steam expands your blood vessels, helping to increase blood flow and the intense warmth prompts the muscles to relax so that limb and joint pain can be noticeably reduced. Steam baths can also provide effective pain relief for those that suffer from rheumatism or arthritis. Additionally, steam helps alleviate aches and can contribute to accelerated healing of your muscle tissue, after a workout for example.

Use a Steam Bath to Purify Your Skin

Regular use of a steam bath can be especially beneficial for the skin, helping to clear blemishes and flush out toxins. High humidity may provide a moisturising effect whilst steam can help to open the pores, offering deep cleansing and leaving skin glowing and feeling revived. With unlimited access to your own detoxifying KLAFS Steam Bath installed by Guncast, you can experience rejuvenated skin like never before.

Experience the Luxury With Klafs Steam Baths

Uniquely designed to complement your property and lifestyle, a KLAFS steam bath provides you with an indulgent and blissful spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to deliver exceptional and uncompromising luxury steam bath installations for bespoke wellness areas. For expert advice, you can contact the team on 01798 343725 or via email at