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Swimming Pool Trends for 2021

Swimming Pool Trends for 2021

Throughout recent years, luxury swimming pool design has evolved, from sleeker, elegant finishes to more requirements for environmentally considerate filtration systems.

Based on the bespoke projects Guncast has worked on throughout the year, here are just a few of the popular swimming pool trends we expect to see in 2021.

Innovative Moving Floor Swimming Pool Systems

A moving floor swimming pool by Guncast is the cutting-edge solution for when space is at a premium, inside or out.
Futureproof your home with a multi-functional space as the swimming pool area is seamlessly replaced with a solid movable floor that can then be used as a dance function venue, play area, dining hall or gym.

Atmospheric Lighting Features

Lighting sets the tone, creates the desired mood and can transform the ambience of a luxury swimming pool.

Add beauty, drama and mystery to your pool environment, enhance water features and other pool accents, improve night-time visibility and safety, lift the mood and adapt to any occasion or event – all with the strategic use of light.

From fibre-optic and LED lighting options, whatever the requirements, the wide array of lighting features available from Guncast will create the desired effect for years to come.

Fully Customisable Options

In recent years, customisable swimming pools have been rising in popularity. As you can customise most other aspects in life, from furniture to your car, why wouldn’t you opt to have a swimming pool that truly meets your tastes?

At Guncast, our team of swimming pool experts can work alongside clients and customers in order to design the pool of their dreams. The team can be on-hand as much as needed to go through every detail, from the pool’s surrounding environment to tiling, lighting and everything in between.

The Full Wellness Suite

Wellness suites are usually expected in hotels with a pool, but we are seeing more demand for the complete wellness facility at home. Saunas, steam rooms and relaxation areas help to enhance the whole swimming pool area and home leisure experience. We are also seeing more interest in homeowners wanting to enjoy the positive effects of the sun in their relaxation areas. For example, the KLAFS SUN MEADOW® UV lights can be used in the relaxation room to help stimulate the production of Vitamin D.

Experts in Luxury Bespoke Swimming Pool Design.

Guncast has over 40 years’ experience in designing and building luxury swimming pools in the UK and beyond.

We create elegant and timeless pools that complement high-end properties, using the available space effectively and efficiently. Contact us today to book a consultation with our experienced and professional team.