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Turn your home into the ultimate spa sanctuary with the KLAFS S1

Turn your home into the ultimate spa sanctuary with the KLAFS S1

The foremost definition of ‘luxury’ is having your very own Sauna in the confines of your bedroom. Ever thought of having your own home sauna but concerned you don’t have the space? With KLAFS at Guncast, it’s possible. We’ll tell you how.

The fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st Century has never been so demanding – more so now than ever before. Whilst you can’t book a weekend away into a wellness spa or a beach getaway, getting home to your very own sanctuary inside of the four walls of your bedroom, brings a new meaning to an ‘enjoyable experience’.

This reality can only be made possible by the KLAFS Sauna S1.

KLAFS S1 sauna – redefining luxury

This retractable KLAFS Sauna perfectly built for small spaces, is a force to be reckoned with. It expands and contracts right into the wall. If that’s not skillful engineering, what is?

KLAFS, the manufacturers of these superior products, is famed for its world-class saunas, steam baths, samarium, and wellness selections to outfit any home and requirement. It prides itself on engineering the most luxurious and tailor-made quality experiences through all of its elegant products.

Perfectly crafted using some of the finest natural materials, carefully selected and installed in a space no deeper than your average closet in your luxury London apartment. Let these small saunas (1.60 m depth) guide you into letting your cares drift away while the scents of the Hemlock, oak, walnut, or Swiss stone pine wood relax and comfort you.

KLAFS selected UK partners

As the selected UK partner for KLAFS, Guncast offers a large selection of wellness solutions for any home, including swimming pools.

Impeccable workmanship coupled with carefully selected sustainable materials is what KLAFS is known for. The company has its very own seal of approval from the IHD (Institute for Wood Technology) in Dresden – the first-ever awarded for sauna wood, and Guncast is proud to be associated with them.

Dry salt inhalation

When you’re looking for the ultimate satisfaction of a time-out, detox yourself in the warmth of an S1 Sauna or treat your immune system to a dry salt inhalation with SaltProX.

Prof. Karl-Ludwig Resch from the German Institute for Health Research vouches for this method to build strong immunity against infections.

KLAFS at Guncast

Our aim is to make the design and installation process as easy as possible, so you can relax and concentrate on getting excited about your new KLAFS steam, sauna and wellness suite.

We are proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to deliver exceptional and uncompromising luxury sauna and steam bath installations for bespoke wellness areas which also complement our pool designs perfectly.

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