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Utilise Your Space With a Moving Floor Swimming Pool

Utilise Your Space With a Moving Floor Swimming Pool

Has lockdown got you considering a house move? Whether you’ve been seriously browsing or just looking for a change, you’re not alone. In fact, recent research by Zoopla found that prospective homeowners now have a different set of priorities – which includes a space at home for exercising.

What if you could have a space at home where you could exercise, entertain, swim and more? What if it also came with the guarantee that you wouldn’t need to add any additional footprint to your home? This is all possible with a Moving Floor Swimming Pool by Guncast.

Intelligent Solution for Luxurious Properties

Moving floor swimming pools are an intelligent solution for luxury residential properties, often where space is at a premium. Cutting edge technology teamed with elite pool design creates a wonderful swimming experience that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Moving floor swimming pools

How Does a Moving Floor Pool Work?

Using patented Akvo Spiralift technology, the pool floor can also be adjusted to variable depths (or closed off completely), making it safer for children and pets and suitable for aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy and more. Sit back and relax as the swimming pool area is seamlessly replaced with a solid floor that can then be used as a dance function venue, play area, dining hall or gym. The floor roughly takes minutes to lift, safely storing the pool water beneath it and perfectly blending in with the environment.

Need some inspiration? Guncast designed and created this simple yet stunning moving floor swimming pool in Manhattan Beach in California. The self-depositing steps and discreet finishes give the moving floor wellness pool a seamless surround. For added luxury, hydro-spa features have been added throughout, creating a perfect area for the homeowners to relax and unwind under the California sun.

Luxury Moving Floor Swimming Pools

Whatever the requirements, Guncast offers complete, bespoke solutions for the design and build of moving floor swimming pools. Guncast is also the selected UK partner for KLAFS sauna, steam and other wellness products.

For industry leading advice, contact our dedicated swimming pool builders on +44 (0)1798 343725. Alternatively, complete our online contact form and one of our specialists will be in touch.

Moving floor swimming pools