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What Are the Benefits of a KLAFS MUD BATH from Guncast for You and Your Guests?

What Are the Benefits of a KLAFS MUD BATH from Guncast for You and Your Guests?


Mud has been used for thousands of years for the purposes of healing, beauty, and relaxation.

Originally, people sought out mud in natural hot springs and today you can offer the soothing experience of a warm and relaxing mud bath from KLAFS at Guncast in the luxurious setting of your boutique hotel, health club or spa facility.

The MUD BATH cabins from KLAFS UK provide luxurious relaxation and healing properties for your guests. What are the relaxation benefits of a KLAFS mud bath cabin from Guncast?

The KLAFS MUD BATH experience from Guncast provides traditional cleansing of the skin with the natural use of mud. The mud consists of important minerals such as magnesium, silicon, calcium and iron, which all help in the natural healing process of looking after your skin with some much-needed replenishment.

The KLAFS UK MUD BATH from Guncast, will leave you feeling revitalised, and refreshed, giving a long-lasting atmospheric relaxation experience. The combination of mud and steam sends the mud bath cabin user into a state of deep tranquility.

The relaxing atmosphere helps to calm the mind as well as the body. It can be an effective way to destress the body, relax the muscles and prepare the user for a massage as part of a complete wellness experience.

What are the health and beauty benefits of a KLAFS MUD BATH cabin from Guncast?

As well as deep relaxation, the KLAFS MUD BATH EXEPERINCE from Guncast offers the user some key health and beauty benefits:

  • The heat stimulates the metabolic process and promotes blood circulation
  • The muscles are loosened with the mud application and the heat from the cabin helps to release tension
  • The immune system is strengthened and stimulated by the mud bath experience
  • The heat effect widens the blood vessels on the surface of the body
  • Minerals and other active ingredients can be better absorbed during the experience because of the combination of the mud and steam
  • Toxins are released and discharged during the relaxation process

What type of guest is the KLAFS MUD BATH from Guncast recommended for?

  • This special bathing treatment experience can be promoted and marketed as something to share with close ones, or to enjoy individually
  • It can also be sold as a shared, unifying relaxation experience, for group wellness packages, to increase footfall and revenue for your wellness facility
  • This is an exclusive, unique selling point for operators of spa and wellness facilities, which will provide strong differentiation from the competition

Why get a KLAFS MUD BATH from Guncast?

A mud bath cabin is like a steam bath cabin with extra functions and features to provide your guests with the ultimate indulgent relaxation and wellness experience.

Tried and tested concepts

In addition to a stylish design, the KLAFS MUD BATH from Guncast offers a well-thought-out performance, with ingenious details. The seat is slightly tilted backwards so the mud can be drained easily. This also delivers comfort for the guest as they will not slide forward involuntarily.

Easy and fast to clean, with lower running and maintenance costs, the KLAFS MUD BATH from Guncast comes with mud bowls, steam generator to create humidity in the room, which keeps the mud moisturised for easy application to the skin. Ceiling-mounted showers and water hoses enable the user to rinse the mud off the body for quick cleaning.

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